Had an “odd” moment with Paige yesterday.

During our morning routine, I was in the bathroom blowdrying my hair when I heard Paige say “Mom”.
It sounded like she was standing outside the bathroom door. I turned off the hairdryer and said “Yeah?”

No response.

So I open the door and no Paige.

I look down the hall toward her room and don’t see her. So I walk down there and ask “Did you just call me?”

She had this odd look on her face and said “In myyyy heeaaad.”

It was weird.

She said that she needed something from the bathroom and the second after she thought about calling out to me…I said “Yeah?”

She’d heard that and thought it was kinda freaky and at the same time very cool. It was a really fun moment for me personally.
It seems that I have been in Paige’s shoes before…

I wonder how often God gets that sort of reaction from us. How much fun is that for Him when we recognize that He heard us when we did not even speak.
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