No Limits!

…yeah, I know…that picture does not look intimidating. In fact, it looks almost tranquil. It was a day I hope to never forget.

The promo states:

…I believe that to be true.
It is what I personally experienced.
To me, there is truth in the advertising.
The Connections Team went to Manowe and spent a day learning about courage and trust through some great coaching by Justin Maust with help from Josh “Otis” King. It was a combination of leadership training and some time on one of the best ropes courses in the midwest. Now, some of you don’t know this but I have (or thought I had) a fear of heights. Well, I also have this bent about really needing to face my fears and something I realized yesterday is that I am actually afraid of FALLING. Once I knew I would not fall because I was securely tethered, I no longer feared the height and actually enjoyed the activity.
Physically for me this activity was exhausting. For several months I have been very limited in my physical abilities due to some serious pain in my elbows, knees, ankle and back. Yes, I have been treated but it has been a very frustrating process and I was at the point that I realized that I had lost a great deal of the strength I once had and that was even more frustrating. So when we went to that ropes course I wanted to test my limits and I did. I did not stop until I could no longer close my hands into a fist…and you need your hands to close in order to grip things so…I got to a point where I physically could not go on to the next “element” on the course. Lucky for me I ended up on the platform where the “zip line” is so, I simply watched the rest of my team rock out the ropes course for a few more minutes and then we all zipped on down to ground level.

I really feel closer to some of my team. I am more impressed with my teammates (and I was already pretty impressed). In particular, Sarah was amazing to me. She had a huge fear she faced and the fact that she even agreed to go on this outing and put on a helmet and harness, let alone actually participate -WOW- I am amazed by her.

I learned some interesting things about myself yesterday. Things that God has been whispering to me about. I won’t share them here, I am still trying to wrap my head around what I think I am hearing, but the important thing is…I am actually trying to listen.

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