I close my eyes and there appears…darkness. Just the red/black inside of my eyelids and slowly with some coaxing I sense the shadow of a doorway and beyond that doorway I see a shore, back and forth visions of ocean and lake. Calm waters and rough waters…but always I feel peace.

I open my eyes and hear Your words through the voice of a wise man. I close my eyes and give in to the vision that wants to appear.

A man in a gray suit, with short brown hair and a contagious smile. He holds out his hand to a woman who I believe is beautiful. I see her only from behind. She is blonde, thin and is wearing a simple white dress of eyelet lace that swirls around her knees as she walks. They walk hand in hand along a shore – ever changing from ocean, to lake, to river, to pond, and back again. The scenery always changes and the man stays the same. He walks with His arms around her waist or her shoulders and as I watch she changes from woman to girl. She is so delicate and small, blonde, and again dressed in white and he walks with her hand in His. She changes back and forth between woman and child and he always stands between her and the water always holding her.

I see His face only from her perspective. Always smiling always looking at her directly.
At some point He must have let go because I see from her perspective the view from inside a boat. Her hands are mine, her dress is mine, her legs and feet are mine. Not mine as they are now, but I am her none the less. The boat is on a lake adrift and the only way to steer is with our hands. There is no motor, no oars, and no sail. Just our strength. We drift for a while, her and me as one, and we have no destination. We see a man far off on the shore, watching us and waving. Beckoning us but not demanding that we come to Him. We hesitate until by some odd miracle we see Him create a space for our boat, carved into the shore by His will. So we slowly paddle with our hands lazily in that direction and it takes what seems like forever to get to shore.

We arrive and He reaches out to us and I realize that “us” is just me. He was inviting ME. I take His hand and step onto the shore and He points toward a beautiful home and without speaking invites me in, but this time…I walk alone, and He is behind me. The room is circular and immense filled with large furniture intended for hours of relaxation. The kind you would sink comfortably into. Yet, there is plenty of space to dance. I turn to find Him and He was still right there behind me, waiting. He offers his hand and we dance. Something like a waltz but I am clumsy and don’t know the steps, but he still guides me and I laugh as he twirls me around the floor. I feel free and safe. Time stops, we stop and we stand facing each other. He has something for me. A gift. A single, simple, beautiful daisy. As I accept the gift I bring it close to my heart and the weight of it knocks me onto the floor. An impact my conscious self could feel in my chest. He offers His hand and helps me back up, and He smiles…and I am brought back out of my vision.

It was four minutes that will last a lifetime.

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