Random conversations, realizations or quotes worth noting

(This post dedicated to Kristin Baker…thank you for your kind words yesterday!)


Breanna and I were driving in the car and I mentioned something about her not paying attention and her retort was something along the lines of her lack of paying attention is because she is too focused on my compulsive nose itching.

Apparently I itch my nose….alot.

Once I start, it begins with the polite swipe of back hand across bottom of nose apparently it turns into a full face rubdown with both hands. She is right. Now I am going to be acutely aware of this. I have probably looked afool for years.

(Where have my friends been to tell me about my annoying quirk? Thanks Breanna for finally pointing this out to me.)


My husband hit hero status once again.

Apparently I am a bad car owner: I don’t pay attention to the 3 month/3000 mile rule.

So I tell my husband that on my trip out of town this weekend that every time I hit the breaks my oil pressure gauge would freak out! He went for a drive and no problem. Well the next day, same thing and so I was listening to a commercial for motor oil and said to my husband “Could it be low on oil?” so he checked it and sure enough…barely reading on the dipstick and rather nasty looking.

He had had the oil changed (by professionals) back in the Fall, and I have not done anything about it since (6+ months and 10,000+ iles later) and therefore my car was acting out and not cooperating with me very well lately. So, my husband who works on his feet 10+ hours a day came home yesterday and changed my oil, oil filter, brake lights and was going to do the spark plugs but it got too late. The car is already running better and something about him taking care of my car for me after a hard days work so that I do not end up stranded on the side of the road some day soon (big fear of mine by the way) makes him big gianormous hero in my book.!

Thanks honey – I love you!


Paige, such a cute kid…so easy to please. I feel like she is waiting until her big sister is out of the house to become difficult relationally. However the fun story – I was telling Breanna that I needed her to reorganize a couple of my cupboards in the kitchen because she has – well, lets just say her spring break was extended – but this story is not about her. Well Paige overheard me asking Breanna about organizing cupboard and she jumped in and demanded that I let her do it. She has always been my cupboard organizer in the past (a darn good one) and she was not about to let her sister take away her fun chore! God love her…she is soooo my daughter.


Quote from Randy Pausch (47 year old college professor with only a few weeks left to live) shared this in his last lecture:

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

I don’t know if he penned the quote but her referenced it and I thought it pretty noteworthy.

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