Welcome Mackenzie Elizabeth Giles

Yesterday I had every intention of staying in my jammies and watching movies from the comfort of my bed all day. However, I had to trade it all in for being among the first dozen people to welcome into the world my new GREAT NIECE Mackenzie Elizabeth. We (Breanna and I) have already nicknamed her. Breanna calls her “Mickey” and I call her “Z.Z.” because both of her names have a Z in them. So looks like I will probably combine it into “Mickey Z”

The video is crap until you get to about a minute and 20 seconds. The background conversations are goofy but ignore them and admire the cuteness.

Mackenzie was born December 16th at 8:14pm weighing 7 pound 1/2 an ounce and measureing 20.5 inches.

Some of you may remember this video when her Aunt Kira was born 2 years ago on the same day (yes I said HER aunt Kira… how funny is THAT!)

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