Driving Miss Crazy (Episode 4)

The scene:

7:15am, still dark, moon out, stars twinkling, Orion visible in the morning sky.
Truck is in reverse, I look over and Breanna (a.k.a Miss Crazy) is trying to bend the laws of physics and see the sky out of her window with the window still rolled up.

“You can still see the stars this morning.”
(She acts irritated that I interrupted her star viewing with (of all things) WORDS)
“Science class ruined stars for me”

“How so?”

I dont recall her explanation but somehow finding out about gases, and the fact that we can see the light from stars long dead… having that KNOWLEDGE irritates her. She mentioned something about the stars in her head, and I told her that the stars in her head could all be alive and made up of bubble gum if she wanted them to be. She explained how that would interfere with her liking things to be logical. My response:

“Being angry at Science for explaining the stars to you is not logical”

Remainder of trip to school….silent.

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