a S.W.A.T. to remember

I love our weekly staff meetings at Granger Community Church (we call them S.W.A.T. which stands for Staff Working As Team). Today the meeting was led by our Senior Pastor Mark Beeson and we were discussing internal church things but Mark always has great biblical comparisons to current life and I am going to paraphrase some of today’s comparisons…simply because they were AWESOME and I do not want to forget them. (My thoughts in green)

Moses probably thought his life sucked when he was 39. Toiling around in the desert with his sheep all of his life. Not knowing that a year from then he would find the burning bush. He did not know that his pain was part of God’s plan. Who better to lead God’s people through, and teach them how to survive in, the desert for 40 years than someone who had spent 40 years doing that exact thing! God had a plan. God’s plan was/is good. The “pain” you are suffering through today may be part of something BIGGER and greater next year.

Learn in and from your suffering.

Everyone loves a dream…until it happens. Everyone wants to fly to the moon until you build a ship and ask for people to go. Then no one wants to go, it’s too scary.

Prepare for change, prepare for the dream.

Seed or harvest? No one given a one dollar bill would think “Yee Ha! I’ve made it! This is the harvest! Payoff for my life’s work! Time to retire!” No, they would think “seed” lets put this dollar to work. What could happen if we all thought that same way about a million dollars.

I don’t have a million dollars, but my thought was that every day is a dollar and I can make that day my seed and plant as much as I can while I am here on earth and enjoy the harvest in eternity with God.

I love this team!

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