A shocking discovery!

So, I got on here today because I wanted to create a new post and add to my list. You see, in my drafts I am keeping a running tally of books that I have read this year…I don’t know if I will ever publish the post, but I like having a list. So in doing that I notice that I actually have COMMENTS on my last post!!! Holy COW! I have COMMENTS!! People DO read this blog…maybe it wasn’t crickets I was hearing when I would log on and post.

The one from “Baker” surprised me. I did not know she read my blog…so let me give a shout out to Kristin Baker!

The other comment was from Dell’s corporate office. DUDE! They must have a team of people just searching the ‘net for stuff like this. I am torn…do I respond? Right this moment, the me who is on vacation is thinking NO, but the customer service person in me is kicking my shin and telling me it is the right thing to do. So, Dell…I will get back to you. It may be in about 10 – 14 days. (I am on vacation and next week will be chock full of catching up and working on preparing for what will be an awesome wedding event)

So, anyway…after all of the “excitement” I can not remember what I was going to post about…shoot. I’m sure it will come back to me. Maybe tomorrow.

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