The following picture (to help you with proportions) is taken on my kitchen table.

I received all of THIS:

In case you can not tell exactly what it is due to the plain, no brand packaging. (and the poor picture quality) Here is a list:

2 lb Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce
2 lb OnCor Mastaccioli w/ Meatballs
3 lb Popcorn Chicken
5 lb Breaded Frying Chicken
2 lb (4) Hamburger Steaks
12 oz (6) Sandwich Steaks
7 oz Mac N Cheese
8 oz Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuit mix
10 oz Peanut Butter
15 oz Cut Pears
8 oz Sliced Pineapple
1 lb California Blend Vegetables
1 lb Carrots
24 oz French Fries (steak cut)
10 pack Frozen Waffles
8 pack Hot Dogs
16 oz Bean Soup mix
1 (30 oz)Pumpkin Pie
———————————–All of the above for $25.00

32 oz (4) New York Strip Steaks
1.5 lb (4) Pork Loin Chops
1 lb (4) Italian Sausage
16 oz (4) Chicken Breast (boneless/skinless)

———————————–Plus the above items for $18.00

Grand Total : $43.00

There is a local church that is a host site for Angel Food Ministries.

The local host site for the Granger, Indiana area is Calvary Chapel and their website is www.calvarychapelgranger.org

To put this in perspective: There are enough “Main Entree” (meat portion -if you will) items to make dinner for my family of 4 for 10 days. (Mind you a couple of them have enough to make 2 or 3 meals.) Plus there are some veggie options and carb options, and some fruit, and breakfast, and PIE…for only FORTY-THREE BUCKS! Let me repeat: $43.00!

Here is the basics:

Once a month Calvary Chapel places an order to Angel Food Ministries.

On their site they provide that months “menu” along with any “specials”

You must purchase the entire menu (which is what is listed above for $25.00) and it is ALWAYS $25.00. You can purchase as many UNITS of the menu as you would like. However, you must purchase at least 1 unit in order to purchase any specials. The specials are usually $18.00. and you can see above all the meat that was included in the special that I purchased. Once you order 1 UNIT of the primary menu, you can order as many “specials” units as you like.

There is a deadline for ordering each month and pick up seems to be 10 – 12 days after the deadline date. The only drawback can see for some is putting extra money into the food budget to by groceries “in advance” and have to wait to recieve it. For those people on public assistance such as food stamps or EBT cards…they accept them. Last time I checked they stated that if there is no balance on your EBT card they will wait to post until your card is credited again.

I am going to go to the grocery store this weekend and try to comparison shop the items I received and see what I would have spent at a local grocery store. I will be sure to post that as well.

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