Breanna…Another Milestone

Well ladies and gentleman, here it is:

She is allowed on the road.
(accompanied by another driver of course)

I am very proud of her. She made a perfect score on her written exam. So, we celebrated by going to the big – and always empty – parking lot at the softball complex near our house and I put her behind the wheel of a very large weapon of death…the Explorer. She was scared pink. Yes, she was pink most of the time, but she did good. She did not hit anything. So after making her follow a route in the parking lot, having her park between two lines and ATTEMPT backing out of a parking space, I let her drive home. She did well, except when she parked the truck, half of it was in the grass. Not bad. So we went to Hacienda to celebrate (thanks, Kathy)!

On the way home we were driving past the same park so I stopped the truck and told her to drive, she said NO! It was not a familiar road and it was sprinkling which she said deemed the roads unsafe because they become slick immediately after rain begins falling. So, I continued forward and tried again…she said NO again because of a “sharp turn” ahead. Hogwash! But I did not press the issue. When we finally came to the point where she had driven from earlier she asked me to stop because she wanted to try again and get to park the truck WITHOUT having ended up half way in the grass. This is the result:

A very proud moment….good job Breanna. I am very proud of you. For this and for many of the other decisions you have made over the past two weeks…including the new haircut…I love it, and I love you…(this sappy momemt brought to you by Brer Rabbit, makers of molasses and syrups)

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