"HE loves me MORE!"

This is something I wanted to share with the world but first I needed to share it with and thank the childrens ministry at Granger Community Church.

(I turned into a blubbering mess retelling this at our weekly staff meeting, but I think “blubbering mess” is pretty much expected from me by now.)

This past Sunday, after we attended services Paige and I were at the kitchen table chatting about her singing in this coming weekend’s service with all the other kids and her memory verse from Ephesians and the lessons she learned in the Heir Force room at church….

I really don’t recall the conversation very well because quite frankly this part shines in my memory like a beacon of light. She said something about God’s love for her and I said “Well you know how much I love you?” (emphasis on the “I” because I have always made it quite apparent to my kids how much I love them) and she said “Yeah” and just as I was about to say it, she reached over and grabbed my arm and with wide eyes and a smile she said “HE loves me MORE!”

She knows. She understands that she matters. A goal accomplished with the help of friends. Thanks again to our children’s ministry and the people in the Heir Force room.

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