CANTON HOUSE (blatant advertising)

So, Breanna’s career at McDonalds has come to an end. She turned in her hat and much hated pants on Saturday.

Her new career is at The Canton House.

What is The Canton House? Only the best Chinese restaurant on this side of town! It is conveniently located at 25590 SR 2 (aka Western Avenue), South Bend, IN 46619 and you can call for carry out at 574-232-8182

Some of you are thinking “WOW, I did not know that they were open!”

Well, great news they are, they have new owners but the egg rolls are still homemade as is everything else (which according to Breanna means they can add things to your dish if you request it)

….and the new owners are EXTREMELY CLEAN…Breanna has to test the Ph level in her cleaning water…and she even has to clean window sills! (YAY! No BUGS!) Apparently they are planning on redecorating…the old tacky wallpaper needs to go. The owners are a nice young married couple, Andrew and Carol Lee…and kinda fun from the little interaction I have had with them. Breanna says that they use a squirt gun to take care of any “behavioral problems” with their staff. (She has not yet personally experienced the Chinese water torture first hand but she is amused by it)

If you go in while Breanna is working, she claims she will buy you a round of egg rolls (group limit of 6 people – she makes just over minimum wage and works part time, so it’s not like she is rolling in the dough, she is just trying to drum up business here)

SO, since the re-opening of the Canton House seems to be South Bend’s best kept secret, help me to spread the word (and keep Breanna at a job she seems to like)…TAKE YOUR CLAN TO THE CANTON HOUSE!

Ohhh, and don’t forget the fortune cookies!
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