Dog’s intuition

September 14, 2006

I just wanted someplace to make note of this.

Most people know about our dog Pity. I refer to her as the Dingo. She looks like one and at one time she was one step away from being a wild dog. Anyway, she is not known for being a social creature. Her favorite place to be is under our bed, unless there is a storm brewing then she prefers to be under someone’s legs. She greets us when we come home and when she comes in from playing in the yard and she likes to take walks but other than that…under the bed is where she spends her time. So yesterday when I got home, I found it very weird that she would not leave me alone. She did not want outside…she clung to me like velcro…like a well trained dog that was told to heel. She usually stays out of the kitchen but she stuck with me into there. She even stuck to my right leg perfectly as I walked in circles around the living room. She gave up when I went down the basement steps but she stood at the top and watched me and resumed her post when I came back up. I was in the bathroom sorting some laundry and she came in and stood behind me with her head under my arm…. Breanna had to shoo her outside so that I could use the facilities. It was freaky. She did not seem scared as she does when there is a storm coming. She seemed happy, tail wagging and all.

I guess what freaks me out is that I believe animals are very intuitive and can sense things that we can not. I have noticed over the years that whenever I am sick my animals are always on me, the cats and dogs (for Scarlet the doberman it is normal) are usually on top of me or at my feet during any minor illness – I guess they know that I don’t feel well and want to comfort me. So when Pity is sticking to me like glue it makes me wonder if there is something going on that she knows about but I don’t. It kept me awake last night…worrying that I would not wake up.

I know it’s irrational but I just wanted to put it out there…just in case.

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