…the party you are trying to reach is currently unavailable

Ladies and gentleman of the blogosphere. I request that you forgive my lack of blogging. I am going to take some time off from posting any blogs until…September. I am giving myself permission to recuperate from a hectic schedule and then spend some downtime with my kids and the best man on the planet…my husband David. (shhh Dad, really you are but this is my marriage we are talking about)

All jokes aside, I like blogging but sometimes I feel pressure to post and then I post stupid stuff…so I give me permission to take time off until say…September 16th. That will be my official next post date. I may create some blog posts before them but expect no posting until September 16th.

Be sure to miss me…and if you do…hey, the telephone was invented first and it still exists and works quite well…call me…but I do screen my calls so leave a message if you get the machine.

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