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So, here I sit, “pen in hand” wondering what to share with the world? Why am I even here doing this? Because someone in another city (whom, I have never met) read my blog and took a moment to instant message me to ask me how I was doing after my surgery. Wow, how nice is that? No smarmy conversation, nothing illicit, just concern. (Although I did have to give him a little jab for being behind on reading my blog since that post is about a month or so old) What a nice change of pace. Thanks Jay.

Anyway, what shall I share with my fans today?


The art/decor/clutter on my desk at home actually includes some really strange stuff:

  • a beanie bunnie
  • a beanie dog (doberman of course)
  • a lopsided clay masterpiece by Paige
  • a real (dead) baby shark floating in blue water (my mother purchased in Florida as a gift for my husband, I try to hide it behind a speaker but I can still see it)
  • a package of C batteries with only 1 battery in it.
  • Lots of Bride magazines (tax write off)
  • coasters
  • a blue glass paperweight shaped and frosted to look like a globe
  • pictures of my kids (several years old – note to self, update pictures on desk)
  • lots of floppys – God only knows what’s on them
  • Losts of CDs music and data
  • A package of 9 volt batteries with only 1 battery in it
  • a bumper sticker that says “I know it all, I just can’t remember it all at once” which I bought to hang up at my last place of employment but was offered a better job before I could hang it up.
  • 3 different cameras
  • toys my niece Kimberlee left during her last visit
  • books by Janet Evanovich – I highly recommend her Stephanie Plumb bounty hunter series – very funny. (It is my latest guilty pleasure. A shout out to Kelly P. – soon to be Kelly T. for introducing me to that one.)
  • Bills – big surprise there
  • VanZant CD – highly recommend for rock and country lovers alike – songs are fun but deep. Good stuff!
  • A toothbrush (??????????) does not look like any of ours…Paige just informed me that it, too, belongs to Kimberlee.
  • phone book
  • State tax booklet…HOLY CRAP, we have not sent in our state taxes! (pause while I write a big @$$ note to Dave – it’s his job to take care of the taxes)
  • a vase
  • lotion
  • glue stick
  • checks
  • 3×5 card file that I can not recall what is in it
  • the game “Mind Trap”

That about covers it….I need a bigger a desk.

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