Heavy Sigh

Wow, I ran into my pal Stephen at church on Saturday and he gave me crap for not posting on my blog. Though he liked my last post, he let me know that it was time for an update.

Well, I have NOTHING profound to share. Nothing that a MIXED audience would appreciate, and in reviewing my previous posts I found that some things were geared toward those who were part of or know my family and others were for the world in general. I began to think that I should try to post only those things that the world would like to know OR the things that get me fired up. But then I realized that my family gets me fired up and therefore…I haven’t posted. I can not decide.

However, in the grand scheme of things this blog was primarily a place for me to release the inner turmoil in my brain. Well, maybe “turmoil” is the wrong word but the crap that goes on all day long that keeps the gears rolling well into my sleep.

For instance, I must be very annoyed at the service I have received in public establishments lately. My sleep was interrupted last night by constant dreams of being treated poorly in stores, or restaurants, or in any social setting. My husband mentioned that I had been really restless all night long and when I woke up I felt FRUSTRATED and ANGRY and TIRED.

Honestly, I have been having REALLY wacky dreams lately, ask Corey, he even included me in his “random” post.

So I am thinking maybe I should make this a “Random” type post:

Breanna got a McJob…Her first try at getting a job and she got it…great for the self esteem I am sure

Paige has taken to wearing a pin striped hat and denim jacket lately

Dave is the world’s best spouse (and that includes me)

I haven’t talked to my mom in a few days and I should call her this evening (note to self)

I am past the half way point in my bridal consultant studies

I am consulting for a cousin of a friend (for free) as if it were a real gig in order to figure out time and hours spent so that I can work up a fee schedule. It has been fun so far. The wedding is in less than 6 months!

Pink finally released a new song! Stupid Girls is the title…the song is so true.

We, the GCC staff, got a sneak peek at the new technology in the auditorium…it is gonna be so COOL!

I realize that random can be a dangerous posting option…wow, I have nothing profound to say – however I have a plethora of random thoughts. I do believe I should stop now.

So, Stephen, buddy, pal this one is for you!

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