My minute as a restaurant critic.

I just had to share this with everyone. David and I both have Fridays off of work and we like to go to breakfast on those days if possible. Well, today we tried a place recommended to us by his parents. A little place called Carol’s Cafe over on 4th Street in Mishawaka. This place is tiny – REAL tiny. We are talking 4 booths and the counter and all cooking is done behind the counter. The staff knew everyone who walked in and called them by their first name. It appears to be run by a family. What made me want to blog about this place is the fact that, not only was the food we ordered good, the servings were HUGE. I can not stress this enough. HUGE. I ordered the “German Special” which is potatoes, eggs, sausage, peppers, onions, cheese and a zesty sauce all fried together and served with toast. This could have served Dave and I both and still have enough to bring home for leftovers tomorrow. However, Dave had the “Bridget omelet” which could have easily fed two grown men or 3 grown women. I felt rather full and barely cleaned off a quarter of my plate and the “to-go” box was FULL. Dave made it through half the omelet and there is plenty for him to warm up for a meal tomorrow morning. I highly recommend this place if you are into the little diner/greasy spoon atmosphere and only if you are NOT on a healthy diet. I also want to send a shout out to Paula, our waitress who was very nice and provided excellent service and kept my coffee mug full. A bonus feature: on the tables is assorted flavored creamers for your coffee – I enjoyed the butter pecan.

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