The Drama of the Nose

Well, as some of you know, Paige has had the unfortunate privilege of having had her nose broken twice within a six month period. The first time happened defending the honor of a friend. A boy at her afterschool daycare pushed down her friend, so Paige pushed him down, and he got up and punched Paige in the face. After surgery I was not 100% happy with the correction they did but it was a great improvement (I can’t seem to locate the BEFORE surgery picture of the first broken nose)

Six months later….she was at a friends house down the street playing on their trampoline and apparently she fell onto the springs and her knees flew into her face and broke her nose AGAIN. It was not quite as obvious to look at unless you looked at the x-ray but I do have a picture of her before surgery this time:

This is after Surgery # 1 – I could still see the bridge of her nose is pushed to the right of her face a little bit but I think that only I, as her mother, could see it.

After Surgery # 2 I was MUCH happier

You probably can not see what I am talking about but I joked that her second broken nose was because God wasn’t happy with the first one either and it was His way of saying “Do it right this time!”

As a precaution her doctor decided that it might be a good idea to have one of those masks made that the pro basketball players wear. So, here is Paige showing you what $600.00 worth of specially molded plastic looks like:

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