Scarlet O’Terror the Bionic Dog

I am sure you are wondering what the heck that picture might be. Well, I love my pets. I have four furry ones. Two cats, Cinder and Ash; two dogs, Pity and Scarlet. Scarlet is a red doberman and contrary to popular belief, she is very loving and not so graceful (sort of like me). Well, one day last September she was outside for a few minutes and I heard this AWFUL scream-like sound. I went out and found her hobbling around and so I brought her inside where I examined her leg. To make a long (VERY LONG) story short – she broke her leg. A spiral fracture. There is no facility in the South Bend area to repair this type of injury on a large dog. So we could go to Ft. Wayne or Indy to have it corrected. My husband and I had to take days off work between the surgery and the follow ups to make these fun filled trips to Ft. Wayne with a dog who does not like to ride in cars. She also does not like to wear a cast. She chewed through her cast at least 3 times and of course this meant urgent trips to the vet to have it recasted – OH WHAT FUN. NO, victorian collars do not help. So the above picture is what Scarlet’s leg still looks like internally. Metal plates, screws and wires. She is the bionic dog. Here are some more pics of her dramatic experience:

The cast and the cone…she hated them both

This is how her leg looked after they removed the cast and staples….she still has one small area that the hair never grew back…but hey, she is a dog and does not care. Besides, her name is SCARlet

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